Custom products

With our proprietary modern machinery, we produce individual adhesive tape solutions for you based on your specific requests. We are also happy to provide adhesive tapes in special lengths and widths, with individual material combinations, as punched or laser parts in addition to adhesive tapes on cross-wound bobbins.

The following processes are available for the processing of adhesive bands:

Self-adhesive treatment of different substrates such as foams, foils and metal sheets

Sheet cutting
Manufacturing/customisation of rectangular formats

Wrap and wrap cutting

Roll cutting
Manufacture of individual rolls from logs in requested special or standard width

Manufacture of small-format punched parts on the roll (kiss cut, die cut)


Laser cut
Burr free, precision cutting of different materials, small-scale production


Cutting of non-laserable materials


All adhesive tapes from our range can be processed in accordance with your requirements.

We also process all adhesive tapes and carrier materials available on the international market to your individual specifications.