We create foam materials in the required format for your area of application with our proprietary modern machinery.

The following processes are available for the processing of foam:

Self-adhesive treatment of different substrates such as foams, foils and metal sheets

Punching in rotation and off-centre technology
Manufacture of small-format punched parts on the roll (kiss cut, die cut)

Punching (Straps and Barrows)
Large-size punched parts

Sheet cutting
Manufacturing/customisation of rectangular formats, cut lengthways and widthways

Vertical and horizontal cutting
Format cutting of foam panels and blocks, manufacture of sheet products and cut-to-size products

Water jet cutting
2D cuts of all types

Laser cutting
Burr free, precision cutting of different materials, small-scale production

Cutting of non-laserable materials

Embossing press

Milling and Drilling
All foams from our range can be processed in accordance with your requirements.

Thermo compressing
Processing 3D PU, PET and fleece parts using the press method

UHF welding
ultra high frequency joining of materials and heat sealing

Cross-wound bobbins
Creation of rolled goods with very long run lengths