Polyethylene Foam

is a closed-cell material with good mechanical properties. It is resistant to ageing and weather while providing good heat insulation at the same time. It is highly resistant to acids and alkalines, semi-crystalline and does not absorb any water.

Polyurethane Foam

is an open-cell foam that is found everywhere in industry, in manual trades and in private households. The basic materials for manufacture are: Isocyanate, polyol, water, catalysts, stabilisers and where necessary fireproofing and colours.

Fleece materials & specialities

is a textile fabric structure made from individual fibres, that are not yet joined together. They can be used for insulation, filtering, lining, polishing, storage and emission of liquids, insulation against heat and cold.

Cell Rubber

Cell rubber is a cell-closed material, which consists of a mixture of elastomers, filling materials, softening agents, antioxidants or cross-linking chemicals. Cell rubber does not absorb much moisture even without treatment.