Polyurethane Foam (PU)


Polyurethane foam is an open-cell foam that is found everywhere in industry, in manual trades and in private households.

The basic materials for manufacture are: Isocyanate, polyol, water, catalysts, stabilisers and where necessary fireproofing and colours.

A differentiation is made between:

  • Ether foams, that feature compression hardness, they are resistant to weathering, temperatures and hydrolysis.
  • Ester foams, that are resistant to weather, temperatures and benzol and oil.
  • Composite foams with long service life, low pad or installation height, high stability and high density, they are 100% recyclable and cost-effective.
  • Filter foams, that are reticulated ether and ester foams.

On customer request, we also install refined designs such as acrylate soaked, electrically conductive and anti-static foams.